We will start the meeting with an open discussion of, followed by voting on, the proposed updates to the NCBA Constitution and Bylaws that have been tabled since our October business meeting.  These updates are intended to clarify the mission of the NCBA as well as the roles of the Executive Committee and its members; provide members more flexibility in matters brought to Membership for a vote; and address ways to handle changing circumstances that call for a response.

We believe strongly that these updates need to be approved, and will help protect the interests of Membership and promote the highly effective Association that you, our members, deserve.

Below you’ll find links to a more detailed summary of the changes and to the revised Constitution and Bylaws themselves.

The next topic is Spring Beekeeping Activities – with a discussion and open Question and Answer session.  We know this is a busy Beekeeping time of year, and want to help you be successful.

We are using a new venue in northeast Greeley, the Jesus Rodarte Community Center, 920 A Street, (click here for a map) – and look forward to seeing you all there!

Summary of proposed updates to the NCBA Constitution and Bylaws
Proposed updated NCBA Constitution
Proposed updated NCBA Bylaws


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