The 5th Annual NCBA Honey Party is right around the corner!  It will be held on Wednesday September 12th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Pavillion at Centennial Park in Loveland.  This is NOT the same park as previous years.  Click here for a map.  The parking lot entrance is on the north side of West 1st Street, just east of Taft.  For you northern folks, it is just a tad bit closer.

As always, the key to the success of the party is YOU!  We need you to RSVP to Secretary Ronda Koski by the evening of SEPTEMBER 9TH so that we will know how many to plan the feast for.  Ronda can be reached at:  Please let her know how many people (including kids) will be attending.

Yet another key to the success of this party has been the division of labor and everyone helping just a bit to get all food items made, the tables, etc. set up and all other associated party planning activities.  We need your help!  If you have the time, volunteer to help cook.  We will compensate you for your expenditures!  If you are short on time, consider getting there a bit early to help with set up or grabbing ice or whatever.  There are a ton of little tasks that need to be properly executed to ensure that a great time is had by all.  Please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Liana Street, to assist with any of the aforementioned tasks.  Liana can be reached at

The NCBA menu is just about finalized and we will need some folks to prepare double batches of recipes to bring.  Please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Liana Street at If you are overrun with garden produce, feel free to make something (with honey, preferably) and unload it on all of us!  We will promise to be properly appreciative.  Maybe we should have an apple recipe contest…..

Our usual honey porter supplier is MIA for this year’s event.  If you are a brewer and have a batch of honey beer ready, we would love to have it and will pay for it, too.  Please contact Liana ASAP at
This is a zero waste party and every year we get better and better at actually accomplishing this!  Zero waste means that you will need to bring your own plates, silverware, napkins, and glassware.  Of course, if you forget, we’ll have your back but try to remember.

The NCBA Photo Contest will be back in full swing this year, too.  Please email a MAXIMUM of 2 photos (only your finest) to Tim Hardy at: by the evening of September 9th.  There will be 2 categories: amateur and professional.  Please let him know which you are entering when you submit.  The prize in each category is a 16 by 20 print of the winning photos. Be sure to come and vote!

We look forward to seeing you all there.


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