NEXT NCBA meeting – Thursday, December 8 @ Lehman Printing Center in Berthoud. 801 North 2nd Street Berthoud, CO 80513-1262 Craft and Honey Sales at the December meeting. Venders NOT limited to NCBA members. Interested vendors should contact NCBA Secretary Ronda Koski to let her know what type of items they plan to sale and how many tables they will need. Any mead-makers interested in hosting a mead-tasting at the December meeting? If so, please contact Ronda Koski so that tables can be set up for this activity. Everyone attending the meeting should bring a tray of appetizers or dessert to share. One or two NCBA members are needed to supply the beverages for the meeting. Please contact Ronda Koski if you would like to volunteer to supply the beverages at the December meeting. NCBA supplies cups, paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils. Thanks.

Ronda Koski


Northern Colorado

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