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  1. Wyoming Bee College, March 2017

    Wyoming Bee College, March 2017 Featured speaker: Jim Tew Also: Les Crowder, Top Bar expert Don Studinski will be teaching: How to Become Certified Naturally Grown and a second session on Capturing Swarms Saturday and Sunday, March 18 and 19. 1400 East College Drive Cheyenne, WY  82007
  2. Presidents Message – December

    NCBA Members: It’s already the end of 2016. Seems a blur to me. We had a good year for the club. – Packages went smoothly – Nucs were mostly fine – Meetings were well attended – Speakers were informative – Our new venue is becoming our “home” – We have a club hive with living bees – We have another club hive ready for bees – Our January class is nearly ready to roll – We’re working on a new bee vendor relationship – We have all officer positions filled – We have a strong EC with plenty of participation – New educational opportunities and activities are forming in my mind – Volunteers are stepping up – Our new scholarship committee is formed and working – The new parking committee is active – A road sign with flashing yellow light has been constructed to help members spot our venue entrance – Volunteers are monitoring our club bees – Vendor / sponsor relationship committee is formed and making progress – The treasury is healthy – New investments are being made in club assets (better than venue rent) – We have reflective vests and flash lights for parking volunteers – We have a wireless mike for the venue sound system – We have a working projector Coming soon: – A mounted projector screen – A club computer for presentations and club records – More club bees – A club asset committee – Perhaps a club sound system – How about a club...
  3. Presidents Message

    NCBA Members: Deep appreciation and a hearty “Thank You” to all the volunteers now holding our officer and advisor positions which form the Executive Committee. The group jumped from 9 to 13. This is a very strong leadership team indeed. I am truly excited about the coming year and the new things we will be able to accomplish. The full committee is listed at the bottom of the newsletter. We have a Vice President!!! Special kudos go to Kelvin Kerst for stepping up to the position. NCBA has been without a Vice President for at least 3 years, but no more. Your bees should be ready for winter by now. No peeking season begins now. I’ve got the last of the syrup on that I will feed in 2016. Seven of my colonies required feeding this Fall. Two will probably not make it to solstice. All the others have to make it to solstice before I’ll load on hard candy. My procedures are shared here with you, not because I’m right, but just to share. Beekeeping is a thinking person’s activity. You need to think your way through each situation and make your best judgement. Then, you get to live with the result. I don’t check email every day. If you need to talk to me and it’s time sensitive, then please call me on the phone the old fashioned way. Let’s Talk. Don Studinski, 303-248-6677
  4. NCBA brings Kirk Wester to Colorado in 2017

    Vermont beekeeper Kirk Webster will be sharing his techniques for managing honey bees naturally with Colorado beekeepers in 2017. NCBA is sponsoring this event. Details are still to be arranged and announced. Check him out on the web. This event will be very special, including slide presentations as well as time hands-on with bees at various sites here in Colorado. Save the dates now so you don’t miss out. Starting Friday, August 4, 2017 and ending Monday August 8, 2017.
  5. 2017 Bee packages and nucs

    New potential vendors are being contacted now with the idea of establishing a long term relationship. The EC has voted to provide 350 packages and 55 nucs in 2017.  That is a substantial expansion over last year which was 270 packages and 30 nucs.  These will be sold on a first come / first served basis.  Non-members will be charged an extra $5.00 over the member price.  This will encourage non-members to join.  The club will make $5.00 per colony for our treasury. Exact pricing is not yet available from the vendors, but a reasonable guess is to add $20 to last year’s price. That puts a package at ABOUT $140 and a nuc at ABOUT $190. Delivery location (Thank you, Kevin Kerst): Fresno Valves & Casting, Inc 4245 Industrial Parkway Evans, CO  80620 Includes full pull through driveway for an 18-wheeler, adequate parking, covered garage bay, and enough room for members to drive through the parking area while picking up bees. Volunteers will bring your bees to your car. You don’t even need to get out. Street parking is eliminated
  6. New Meeting Venue beginning January 2017

    Kerst Barn Large metal building at this address: 17765 Hwy 392 (between CR35 and CR37)Greeley, CO 80631 This is directly east of Windsor about 14 miles from the I25 exit. Look for tan and brown buildings on the north side of the street.
  7. Beginning Beekeepers Classes coming in January – sign up now

    Volunteers and instructors should consider carpooling with at least one other.  Please try to find someone that could make carpooling work for you.  Parking is the limiting factor.  We want to leave the spaces for students at the Kerst Barn.  Now is the time to let anyone you know who is interested in this class to sign-up, as space is limited and registration will close December 30th or when class is full.   We need our great members to volunteer at our January Beginning Beekeeping class. Make this the best class ever. Please contact Nancy Jones, ncbasecretary or call 970-290-0818. She can let you know where we need assistance and you can let us know your availability.
  8. Scholarship Committee Announced

    George Ottenhoff has agreed to hold the chair of our new scholarship committee. George and his team will govern the scholarship funds for beekeeping educational opportunities in our community. If you know of potential beekeepers that need a helping hand to attend beekeeping education, please notify George and he will handle it from there.
  9. Volunteer Recognition – Thank You!

    Josh Vaisman and Greta Olsen have been members of NCBA for several years and they have been involved in a variety of projects.  Josh is an advisor on the NCBA’s Executive Committee.  Josh and Greta were instructors at the Beginning Beekeepers Class and also presentors at the WAS Conference in Boulder.  They have also done programs for the library in Firestone. They are valued members of the beekeping community.

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About NCBA – Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association

The Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association (NCBA) is an organization of both hobbyist and commercial beekeepers.  We exist to provide a forum for education in beekeeping both to our members and to the general public, and for exchange of ideas and experiences.  We also enjoy some ability to provide savings in equipment and bees by purchasing as a group.  We are affiliated with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association.  We meet once a month with the above objectives in mind.  Each meeting strives to discuss one or two subjects of interest in beekeeping.  Whenever possible we will discuss beekeeping and hive maintenance activities appropriate for the next month.  We also like to provide time for members to discuss beekeeping among themselves.  Once a year, usually around January, we conduct a multi-session beginning beekeeping class.  On completion of the class, we offer you the opportunity to join the association, to order beekeeping equipment and bees, and we offer you a mentor to help you get off to a good start.  If you have any interest in keeping bees, we encourage you to join us. We believe joining a beekeeping association such as ours is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to start beekeeping. By joining now you will receive our news letter as well as notification of upcoming classes and meetings.  Dues are modest and affiliates members with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association. See the pages about future and past meetings for examples of meeting content..


NCBA is a 501c3 organization, and donations are tax deductible.
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