Executive Committee and Leadership Support Team Vacancies

Now Accepting Nominations for the October Election!

You can help!  You don’t need to be a beekeeping expert to make a real contribution to the Association, either on the Executive Committee, or in a Leadership Support Team role.  These roles contribute to seeing that the business of the Association is completed as members would expect, which is fundamental our ability to support the beekeeping activities of our members.

The Association needs members to step into leadership roles, described below.  Please contact the Executive Committee (ncbaexec@nocobees.org) or John Green (ncbapres@nocobees.org).  The election will occur primarily via email following the Thursday, October 16th meeting in Johnstown, and several key roles still need your support.

1.       President / Vice President – These two positions work as a team, and with other members who make our annual programs happen. Vice President Bob Boggio will be transitioning into the role of President, assuming this office remains uncontested.  A Vice Presidential candidate is needed.  

The President and Vice President count on the support of other members to lead the annual programs and to accomplish ongoing routine activities.  We also count on additional program team members to work with the designated program leader, either as a trained backup or relief for ongoing activities, or to assist with the completion of an annual program.  We are currently building several teams for the coming year, so these popular programs can continue. Below are the programs / ongoing activities that rely on member support.  Our goal is to have several people supporting each area.

i.      Extractor Loan Team – Philip Vogeler is coordinating this year.
ii.      2015 Beginning Beekeeping Class – Kristal Domenico is coordinating this year.
iii.     2015 Woodenware Order – If members want this to happen this year, a Leader and team members needed
iv.      2015 Package Bee Order – A leader and team members are needed
v.       Newsletter Assembly (MailChimp) – Janine Reid
vi.      Website Development  –  Support needed
vii.     Website routine updates (WordPress page updates) – Support needed
viii.    Meeting Venue Coordinator – Ronda Koski has taken on this role.
ix.     Honey Party Coordinator – Support needed
x.      Photo Contest – Support Needed

2.      SecretaryCandidate needed. The two key activities of the Secretary role are producing meeting minutes, and maintaining membership records.  It is anticipated that the Elected Secretary position would function as a Recording Secretary to produce meeting minutes.
i.      Membership Secretary – a Leadership Support Team role to maintain membership records – John Loftis is maintaining our membership database.

3.      TreasurerCandidate needed. Receiving and disbursing funds, maintaining the financial records of the Association and distributing periodic financial reports are the key activities of this position. We are using Quickbooks to maintain financial records, which NCBA will provide for the Treasurer’s use if needed.

4.      Outreach Coordinator – Nancy Jones5.      Volunteer Coordinator – Merry Popa

6.       Advisors  (four positions) – Advisors “advise” – via email and periodic conference calls or meetings, advisors make their opinions known and help govern the Association.   Recently, we have scheduled a monthly 1-hour conference call on the last Thursday of each month to insure we have regular discussions, and occasionally meet in person.

7.       People Currently Standing For Election:
i.      President – Bob Boggio will transition to the role of President
ii.      Vice President – Candidate needed
iii.      Secretary – Candidate Needed
iv.      Treasurer – Candidate Needed
v.      Standing for election to Advisor: Candidates Needed
vi.      Transitioning from Officer to Advisor: John Green, Lucy Thies

•    NCBA is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization.  Our success is DEPENDENT on many members willingness to invest their time and energy to accomplish the association’s goals and objectives.

•    Consider running for office.  SELF NOMINATION is encouraged.  The executive committee has no way to identify potential candidates IF you don’t ‘throw your hat in the ring’.

•    If you have Information Technology [IT] experience, consider helping to improve our website, email system, create on-line registration and payment options.

•    If you are an experienced beekeeper and would be willing to spend time throughout a season mentoring one or more new beekeepers please identify yourself to the Education / Outreach Coordinator

Beginning Beekeeping Class Team

We need your help getting ready for the Annual NCBA Beginning Beekeeping Class!

To any of our members interested in passing along the love and skills of beekeeping 101 at the annual January NCBA Beginning Beekeeping Class there will be an organization/planning meeting at 6:00pm, Monday evening, September 29th,  at Embassy Suites Hotel in Loveland, at 4705 Clydesdale Parkway.  Directions from the Hotel Staff: From the North or South: Take I-25 to the Crossroads Boulevard exit (Exit 259), turn East onto Crossroads Blvd. and turn left (North) onto Clydesdale Parkway. Hotel will be straight ahead after roundabout.   Click here for a map.   We will meet in the rear of their restaurant/café.

Kristal Domenico will be the chief instructor this year, and is contacting those individuals who helped with the teaching last year.  In addition, we need volunteers to:

  • Assist with room set-up and take down,
  • Meet and greet our students,
  • Help with Woodenware demos,
  • Refreshments set up and service
  • Set-up of auto-visual systems,
  • Help with questions during breaks, and other social times, etc. etc.

This 3 session class will be Saturday January 10th, 17th, and 24th, 8:30 to 1:00 at the Pulliam Building in Loveland.  We are striving to update the class registration process with online registration and payment, in addition to mail-in.  This Class is one of the most important association tools we offer the community to educate new beekeepers in best practice methods.  This Class also provides NCBA with the opportunity to acquire new members, who may become active volunteers in the future to keep the group going!!

Please consider being a part of this program.  If you have questions you can contact Nancy Jones, nancybjones@comcast.net, 970-290-0818.  If you want to help with the January program for one or more of the class days or in another support role, but cannot attend the September meeting, just let us know when and where you can help.

Annual NCBA Honey Party and Harvest Celebration!

It’s On Tonight – dress warm and join us!

The annual NCBA Honey Party is tonight!!   (Thursday, September 11 6-8:30 PM)

Join us for this annual Pot Luck event!  We will provide beverages, but you are invited to bring mead, honey beer, or your own favorite drinks.   We hope you and your family will join us in celebrating the Honey Harvest with food, friends, and fun.  (Help us reduce waste by bringing your own table service.)

Venue: Centennial Park Pavilion in Loveland, West 1st St at Taft. Thursday, September 11,  2014 6-8:30 PM.
See you there!

CSBA Road Show Sunday 7/20 Details

The CSBA Traveling Road Show will be in Northern CO on Sunday, July 20!  This is a terrific opportunity to look at a LOT OF HIVES besides your own!  You do not need to have hives on the Road Show to attend the Road Show.  Simply wear your suit and join the fun!

There will be 2 routes.  The first route will be in Loveland and will be moderated by Miles McGaughey, BCBA President and CSBA Advisor.  Anyone interested in attending is asked to meet at the Linda Vap residence at 9:30 am.  Here is a map:
2331 Shadow Ct                Loveland              CO          80538

From the Vap residence, the Road Show will  proceed to 4 other bee yards around Loveland.  You are welcome to stay for some or all of them–as your time allows.

The second route will be in Windsor/Fort Collins and will be moderated by Terry Dorsey, past president of the CSBA and a CSBA Advisor.  This Road Show will get underway at 9:30 am at the residence of Nora Barth in Windsor.  Here is a map:
7285 Co Rd 72    Windsor               CO          80550

From the Barth residence, the Road Show will proceed across the highway to 3 other bee yards in the Fort Collins area.  You are welcome to stay for some or all of them–as your time allows.

Once again, the Road Show represents a terrific hands-on learning opportunity for all NCBA members.  Hope to see you there!

Beth Conrey



Annual Planning Meeting, June 19th

As a result of the recently completed Member Survey (summarized here), the Executive Committee has decided to cancel the planned June Meet & Greet pot luck social, and instead invite all members to participate in the following Annual Planning Meeting.

Annual Planning Meeting, June 19th

If you value the annual programs and activities your Association sponsors each year, please consider participating in the production of one of these events as a Team Leader or Team Member.  The section below summarizes the programs you enjoy and support, and the member participation required to make them successful.

Don’t wait! Call Nancy Jones at 970-290-0818 to get on the list!  And plan to participate in the planning meeting on June 19th!

On Thursday, June 19th, 2014 we will meet from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Loveland Public Library, 300 N. Adams, Loveland, Colorado 80537 in the Erion room.