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  1. News, Announcements, Information

    FYI About Your Club Our cash flow in a year is just under $50,000. Of that, nearly $35,000 is the honeybees, packages and nucs. We break nearly exactly even on our revenues and our expenses in a year. 2016 Packages and Nucs: We are sold out. If the rest of the process (delivery and distribution) goes smoothly, then we may choose to do more next year. This is a decision that will be made by the Executive Committee. Want to participate in that decision? I’m seeking a vice president!  Call Don at 303-248-6677 to volunteer. Package delivery is estimated to be 4/30/2016 at 2:00 PM. Packages will be available for pickup until 6:00 PM. Do not show up early. We will be getting ready and cannot have extra people getting in the way. If you don’t pick up your bees by 4PM, then we will make one and only one attempt to contact you by phone to remind you to get your bees. Pick up at this address: 19092 WCR 3 (West County Road) Berthoud, CO 80513 Directions: I25 Exit 250 then go West to County Road 3 then turn South for about 2 miles; road turns to dirt then look for House and outbuildings on the East side with blue metal roofs Questions? Call Don at 303-248-6677. In the beekeeping industry, there is an assumed 4% “dead on arrival” for package queens. Prairie Wind will be providing queens to cover this issue. You will have 2 days to notify...
  2. Colorado State Beekeepers Association Summer Meeting

    Colorado State Beekeepers Association (CSBA) will be holding their summer meeting June, 11th, 2016 in western Colorado.  More details will be posted on the CSBA website. I encourage you to attend. As a member of NCBA you are already a member of CSBA.
  3. Colorado Department of Public health and Environment Registration

    The annual Rocky Mountain Food Safety Conference (RMFSC) is just around the corner with pre-conference workshops on the 23rd of May and the full conference on the 24th and 25th. If you have not been to RMFS before, it is a great learning and networking opportunity for industry, academia and regulators. The conference committee works hard to bring speakers and subject matter experts with various backgrounds and views to provide information on current issues, problems and developments. This year, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) State Manufactured Food Program is lucky enough to speak as part of a pre-conference workshop with Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) where both groups will be covering the Fundamentals of Food Product Successes and Good Manufacturing Practices 101. Please visit the RMFS Conference website for more details about the conference agenda. Register for the pre-conference workshop here!
  4. Citizen Science

    Hundreds of citizen science projects world wide involve hundreds of thousands of volunteers contributing valuable information to research. The Citizen Science Alliance held an inaugural conference in 2015 in San Jose, CA, and had representatives from 25 countries. Collaborators range from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Geographic, California Academy of Science to London Natural History Museum. One local representative was Greg Newman from CSU. The next conference is scheduled for 2017. Current Citizen Science projects on bees: The Bee’s Needs local group (there are also international groups) website features in-depth info on Colorado bees (there are over 900 native bees here!) and also information on how individuals can help by monitoring bees, taking photos, etc. Bumble Bee Watch (through Xerces, a pollinator conservation organization based in Oregon) informational website and ways to get involved.
  5. Presidents Message

    NCBA Members: It’s nearly the spring equinox, March 20, 2016. Honey bees are expanding their workforce rapidly. They need to be ready for the abundant food that is nearly upon us. This is the time of year when Colorado will certainly provide us with sunny days warm enough to open and inspect a hive thoroughly. I’ll be starting my “first inspection” activities mid March. I call this “first inspection” because it’s the first time in the calendar year I’ll be looking through every frame, all the way down to the bottom board. This will be the smallest amount of bees for the entire year. Some colonies will be struggling with dysentery. This is an opportunity to swap in a clean bottom board so the dirty one can be scrubbed. Every colony should be assessed for the likelihood of swarming and, if swarm prevention is desired, then necessary actions should be scheduled. There are two articles I wish to point out in the new Bee Culture Magazine. First, is the article about Oxalic Acid. The second article is about digital thermal cameras. I bought a FLIR in 2015 and am finding it quite useful. These cameras are quite expensive, but if you care to see what they can do, check out the article. I don’t check email every day.  If you need to talk to me and it’s time sensitive, then please call me on the phone the old fashioned way.  Let’s Talk. Don Studinski, 303-248-6677
  6. Upcoming Events

    Colorado State Beekeepers Association (CSBA) will be holding their summer meeting June, 11th, 2016 in western Colorado.  More details will be posted on the CSBA website. I encourage you to attend. As a member of NCBA you are already a member of CSBA. The University of Wyoming Laramie County Extension Office is hosting the Wyoming Bee College at Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne, March 19-20, 2016.The Wyoming Bee College is open to everyone interested in the health and welfare of pollinator insects.  The Bee College is a two day three track conference covering beginning beekeeping, advanced beekeeping methods, native bees and ways to help them all.  We bring in longtime beekeepers, researchers from USDA Bee Labs and University professors for up to-date information. Bee Buddy’s under the age of 14 with a paying adult to the Bee College are free. For more information;, or call Catherine at 307-633-4383. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Registration:– If you are able to or tentatively would like to attend, please RSVP via email or phone to JonStrauss or Emily Schoblaski. on Strauss (303)   Emily Schoblaski (303)   May 23, 2016 – Denver 8:00am-4:00pm Rocky Mountain Food Safety – Pre-conference workshop Johnson and Wales University Please refer to the RMFS website for registration information, timeframes, and course information:
  7. News, Announcements, Information

    2016 Packages and Nucs: A few packages are left. Some purchases had gotten double counted by mistake. Member price for a package is $123. One nuc is left unsold. Member price is $168 / nuc. Non-members add $10 per honeybee colony. If you wish to order bees, please contact Bob directly to know the latest status. We will almost certainly be sold out before the next newsletter. Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association c/o Bob Boggio, NCBA Treasurer, 970-667-4472 3905 Glade Rd Loveland, CO 80538 Package delivery is estimated to be 4/30/2016. In the beekeeping industry, there is an assumed 4% “dead on arrival” for package queens. Prairie Wind will be providing queens to cover this issue. You will have 2 days to notify us of a dead queen upon installation. If you find a dead queen in your queen cage, keep it in the cage, bring it to us and we will replace it. Nuc delivery is estimated to be 5/21/2016. There is no expected “dead on arrival” for nuc queens. Don Studinski will personally inspect every delivered nuc to ensure the queen is alive and laying as expected. Should there be a problem, we will be in the process of fixing it before you show up to pick up your nuc. Constitution and Bylaw changes: The following changes will be voted on by our membership in April, 2016. You should expect other changes to be voted on as the year progresses. The EC will be working through the documents in an effort...
  8. Volunteer Recognition – April 2016

    Thank you to: Merry Popa Merry has been our Volunteer Coordinator for 2 years and is now our Education Coordinator. These are big jobs and much appreciated not only by our membership, but also many of our northern Colorado citizens, our neighbors, government officials, teachers and civic group officers. We also wish to recognize: Chad and Liana Street:  Both of you have always gone beyond the call of duty for NCBA by manning exhibit booths and donating frames for the observation hive! Thank you! AND Carl and Danielle Hosler: You have both spent so many hours making NCBA great! We thank you for assembling woodenware orders as well as your time and energy running our education and outreach events, and meetings.
  9. February Newsletter

    Only paid members will be allowed to sign up for the swarm list in 2016. Dues are $20 if paid before February 29, 2016. After that date, dues are $25. Reduce your dues fee by $7 if you have already paid CSBA dues elsewhere (another Colorado regional association). In any case, paying your dues, starting now, will get you membership through February of 2017. NCBA really needs to fill two volunteer positions: Volunteer Coordinator Outreach Coordinator You need no beekeeping experience to perform these tasks. Please call Don Studinski (303-248-6677) to let us know you are willing. It makes you feel good to give time and effort back to the club and spreading out the load makes a lot possible. 2016 Packages and Nucs: We visited our new supplier Prairie Wind Bee Supply, Cheyenne, WY; on 1/28/2016. They will be getting bees fromNoble Apiaries in Dixon, CA. Italian and Carniolans selected for mite and disease resistance as well as production. Transport will be in air-conditioned van and trailer. NCBA is ordering 270 packages and 30 nucs. In either case, package or nuc, you can choose Italian or Carniolan. There is no limit to the number of either type. The queen breeder will be providing the correct queen in every case. Member price is $123 / package and $168 / nuc. Non-members add $10 per honeybee colony. If you wish to order bees, please get on our website, click on “Order Now” and send your hard-copy order form as well as...

Upcoming NCBA Events

6:30 pm NCBA July Meeting @ Edge Sports Center
NCBA July Meeting @ Edge Sports Center
Jul 21 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker, Topic: Location: Fort Collins, Edge Sports Center 4450 Denrose Ct, Fort Collins, CO 80524
6:30 pm NCBA August Meeting @ Rodarte Community Center
NCBA August Meeting @ Rodarte Community Center
Aug 18 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker, Topic: Location: Greeley, Rodarte Community Center 920 A St, Greeley, CO 80631
6:30 pm NCBA September Meeting @ Windsor Community Recreation Center
NCBA September Meeting @ Windsor Community Recreation Center
Sep 15 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker, TBT Topic: TBT Location: Windsor Recreation/Community Center 250 11th St, Windsor, CO 80550

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About NCBA – Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association

The Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association (NCBA) is an organization of both hobbyist and commercial beekeepers.  We exist to provide a forum for education in beekeeping both to our members and to the general public, and for exchange of ideas and experiences.  We also enjoy some ability to provide savings in equipment and bees by purchasing as a group.  We are affiliated with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association.  We meet once a month with the above objectives in mind.  Each meeting strives to discuss one or two subjects of interest in beekeeping.  Whenever possible we will discuss beekeeping and hive maintenance activities appropriate for the next month.  We also like to provide time for members to discuss beekeeping among themselves.  Once a year, usually around January, we conduct a multi-session beginning beekeeping class.  On completion of the class, we offer you the opportunity to join the association, to order beekeeping equipment and bees, and we offer you a mentor to help you get off to a good start.  If you have any interest in keeping bees, we encourage you to join us. We believe joining a beekeeping association such as ours is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to start beekeeping. By joining now you will receive our news letter as well as notification of upcoming classes and meetings.  Dues are modest and affiliates members with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association. See the pages about future and past meetings for examples of meeting content..


NCBA is a 501c3 organization, and donations are tax deductible.
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