Annual Planning Meeting, June 19th

As a result of the recently completed Member Survey (summarized here), the Executive Committee has decided to cancel the planned June Meet & Greet pot luck social, and instead invite all members to participate in the following Annual Planning Meeting.

Annual Planning Meeting, June 19th

If you value the annual programs and activities your Association sponsors each year, please consider participating in the production of one of these events as a Team Leader or Team Member.  The section below summarizes the programs you enjoy and support, and the member participation required to make them successful.

Don’t wait! Call Nancy Jones at 970-290-0818 to get on the list!  And plan to participate in the planning meeting on June 19th!

On Thursday, June 19th, 2014 we will meet from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Loveland Public Library, 300 N. Adams, Loveland, Colorado 80537 in the Erion room.

Leaders & Team Members for Outreach Programs, Events & Activities


Each calendar year NCBA creates, supports and/or participates in numerous outreach, programs and events.  Each of these requires a coordinator or team leader and one or more volunteer team members to donate their time and effort to make these activities successful.  These programs and events will be the topic of discussion at our Planning Meeting on June 19th.

In addition, the coordinators and team leaders as well as the volunteers need to know when the teams need to begin working, when and where these activities are scheduled and understand the kind of effort, time commitment, experience level and other job related tasks, hereafter these are referred to as an Activity or Job Description.

The Education/Outreach Coordinator AND the Volunteer Coordinator shall be the co-managers of all of these NCBA activities, with the EXCEPTION of the Bee Keeping Class and Bee Package Order.

Bee Keeping Class [Last 3 Saturdays in January]
•    Team Leader, identified and appointed by July 30th or sooner
•    Team Members, need 5+, identified, by August 30th

Package Bee Order [September thru April]
•    Team Leader, Identified and appointed by September 1st
•    Assistant
•    Distribution Location and Distribution Support Team


Team Leaders and Volunteers are needed for the following activities, programs or events:

Beezaar [First Friday in December]

•    Team Leader Identified and appointed by July 1st
•    Committee Chairpersons [will recruit their own team members]
o    NCBA Vendors
o    Non-NCBA Vendors
o    Marketing, advertising
o    Silent Auction
o    Honey Tasting
o    Set-up and Tear Down
o    Mead Tasting
o    Refreshments

Honey Party [September]

•    Team Leader Identified and appointed by July 1st
o    Coordinates with Photo Contest Team Leader for Award of $50 gift certificate to winner
•    Team members identified and recruited by July 15th

Photo Contest  [June thru August and December]

•    Team Leader, Identified and Appointed by June 1st
•    Assistant, Identified and Appointed by June 15th

Extractor Loan Program and Equipment Maintenance [August]

•    Coordinator, Identified and Appointed by June 15th

Venue Coordinator [Year Round]

•    Coordinator, Identified and Appointed by December 15th


•    NCBA is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization.  Our success is DEPENDENT on many members willingness to invest their time and energy to accomplish the association’s goals and objectives.

o    If you have experience managing organizations, consider running for office.  Elections are held in the fall for one year terms.  SELF NOMINATION is encouraged.  The executive committee has no way to identify potential candidates IF you don’t ‘throw your hat in the ring’.

o    If you have Information Technology [IT] experience, consider helping to improve our website, email system, create on-line registration and payment options.

o    If you are an experienced beekeeper and would be willing to spend time throughout a season mentoring one or more new beekeepers AND/OR teaching a segment of the January Beginning Beekeeping class please identify yourself to the Education / Outreach Coordinator

Plans, Labels and Seeds Available

Additional Bee Rescue Seed Packets (as distributed with bee packages) are available – $2 ea, 3/$5.

We also have product labels as required by the Colorado Cottage Industry Act – $4 / 100, $30/1000.

Plans are now available for making:

  1. Solar Wax Extractor;
  2. Round Section Comb Honey Frames;
  3. Observation Hive
  4. Simplified Pollen Trap.

Contact Nancy Jones at or 970-290-0818.

2014 Membership Survey Result Summary

The Executive Committee would like to thank all of the members that responded to the survey.  We are beginning to review the inputs you provided including many additional and detailed comments.  Here are the highlights from my perspective:

  • About 90 percent of members consider themselves to be somewhere between a beginner and part time beekeeper that sells honey, other products and or services.
  • A majority are looking for a focus on the content of the monthly meetings and a beekeeping class for experienced beekeepers.  Only about 5% were interested in additional social events.
  • The top three monthly meeting subjects are sustaining bees through winter, general hive management for 2nd & 3rd year beekeepers and swarm season tips, prevention, control and splits.
  • NCBA is an all-volunteer organization, yet over 50% of responders contribute zero time to help and less than 30% contribute one to five hours PER YEAR.  I would really like to understand why members are not volunteering.
  • A total of 36% of responders did not answer the question regarding which activities you would volunteer to help with.  Helping with outreach events garnered the greatest support while becoming an NCBA officer got the least support.
  • Our website needs to be improved.  A majority of members only visit if there is a notice that new or updated content is available.

Click here for full survey result details.

Bob Boggio, Vice President

March Meeting – SWARMS

Swarm Hotline Participant Training and 2013 Swarm Season Recap presentation by Beth Conrey.   Thursday, March 20, 2014 6:30-8:30 PM   Venue: Pulliam Community Building, 545 North Cleveland, Loveland, Colorado (Date shifted from Wed 3/19 to accommodate Beth’s schedule)

This meeting is mandatory for those who were not on the Swarm Hotline call list last year and wish to participate this year.

Swarm season is approaching, so let’s get started! In order to participate in the NCBA Swarm Collection and Hive Removal program – having your name on the list of people who will be called for swarm collection or colony removal from structures – you MUST be a current NCBA member AND have a current (2014 version), signed Membership Application and Liability waiver on file.  Click here to download the application / waiver from the NCBA website, and mail it to the address on the form.

This year, NCBA will not be coordinating hive removals from structures, but we will make available a list of people who perform this work to interested parties.

If you are interested in being a swarm catcher this year, AND YOU HAVE BEEN A SWARM CATCHER IN THE PAST, please provide Beth with the following information to update records for this year:

Primary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Whether you do swarm catching only or hive removals
Also how many swarms you are looking for
What city you live in
How far you will go to get a swarm
Any miscellaneous but important information such as: vacation days during swarm season, work availability, etc.

If you are interested in being a swarm catcher this year, AND YOU HAVE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE, you must attend my “So you want to be a swarm catcher” presentation at the next NCBA meeting on March 20st.

Thank you!
Beth Conrey
970-213-3099 C