Significant Flood Losses?

NCBA would like to support members who experienced significant losses during last fall’s
flooding. Please let us know if you know of anyone who could use a little help getting back on their beekeeping feet, as we can make some of our surplus foundation / woodenware available. Along the same lines, if you have serviceable surplus equipment that could help a fellow beekeeper to replace hives lost in the flood, let us know. 

Way to Bee

Beginning Beekeeping Class – Our experienced Beginning Beekeeping Class Team has successfully completed the 2014 edition of the class, presenting this year to 61 students! Our hats off to team leader Carolina Nyarady, and experienced team members Greg Bowdish, Kristal Domenico, Lisa Dysleski, Todd Hochwitz, and Kevin Vendegna, joined this year by Merry Popa taking care of refreshments.

Our thanks also goes out to local photographer Gene O’Connell, who generously donated several beautiful, framed bee photographs for display at our outreach events. Way to Bee, Gene!

The Executive Committee needs a Secretary

No experience necessary, tasks are administrative: • Taking attendance and minutes for all meetings, transcribe and publish them to the Executive Committee [EC] • Work with the Treasurer to maintain and publish the membership roster and mailing list in April and October • Forwarding documents, notices etc. by snail mail to those members that do not have email accounts • Forwarding any funds received in the mail to the Treasurer for deposit along with information related to those funds • The Secretary shall be a signatory to the Association bank accounts as required by the bank and/or state law If you are interested in the Secretary’s position, please email a short description that introduces yourself to the EC.

2014 Package Bee Order Information


Package Bee Order Status – Wednesday, April 23rd.

We are still on track to receive delivery of the bee packages – both Italian and Carniolan – for distribution on Saturday, April 26th 8AM – 6PM.  As below, this is still subject to change – I will email and post information to the website on Friday evening to confirm or alter this.  Please print the first page of the email that contains your order information and bring it with you when you pick up your bees next Saturday. 

We have no plans for extended or alternate bee distribution times – please arrange to get your bees on Saturday.

If you ordered bees but did not receive the Easter Status Update email, contact – it is important that every NCBA bee order participant receive the last minute status emails.

Click through to the Bee Order page (here) for other important information, including directions to the pickup location and a suggested method for package installation.

Earlier Posts:

The 2014 Package Bee ordering information has been posted to the Member Benefits area.

As of April 1, all packages – Italian and Carniolian – have been spoken for.  I have started a wait-list in the event that some orders are canceled.  Saturday April 26th is the current ‘planning’ date when packages will be available for pickup, at a location east of I-25 and south of Wellington.  As firm information becomes available, we’ll post it here and email it to order participants.

We have extended the order / payment window one last time, through Monday April 7th, 2014.  Paid orders must be in my mailbox by that date.  There will not be another extension, as we need to send payment at the end of that week.     For full ordering information, click here to go to the page

Bee Box Collection

We are collecting empty, re-usable package bee boxes – we need to provide empty bee boxes for each of our Carniolan packages ordered.  If you have empty Bee Package Boxes, please email to make other arrangements to drop off your empty bee boxes.  A member living off HW287 north of Loveland has agreed to be a drop-off point, and I’ll reply to your email with directions.   

For Sale: Wax-wire foundation and Queen Excluders

Due to an inadvertent error when consolidating member woodenware orders last year (spring 2013), we received a substantial amount of crimp wire foundation and other items not ordered by anyone.  If you need – or will need – any of these items, you’d be helping your Association out by buying them from us now, first come first served.  Email to stake your claim.  These prices are cost +5% shipping – as an added incentive, when you buy more than $100 worth of items, we’ll deduct the shipping 5% from your final cost!

We’ll update what’s still available on the website periodically; and let us know what you want. (Updated 2/16/2014)

Item Description Remaining Inventory  Price (ea) Including Shipping 5%
F1950 8 1/2 (lg) Duragilt Foundation (50 sheets) 2 65.26
F3610 5 5/8 (med) Crimp-Wired Foundation (10 sheets) 36 7.51
F3950 8 1/2 (lg) Crimp-Wired Foundation (50 sheets) 7 51.77
8 1/2 (lg) Crimp-Wired Foundation (50 NO Hook) 2 51.77
WB1101 Queen Excluder (wood bound 10 frame) 18 11.54