Member Benefits

NCBA membership has many regular benefits, including participation in the annual Woodenware and Bee Package orders; membership in the Colorado State Beekeepers Association; participation in the Swarm Hotline to be called for collecting swarms in your area, discounted American Bee Journal subscriptions, and use of one of the Associations three honey extractors.  Membership cost is $20 for any part of the membership year from March 1 through the end of February.  Click here to bring up the Membership application.

NCBA 2014 Woodenware Order

NCBA is not sponsoring a spring woodenware order for 2014.

NCBA 2014 Package Bee Order

The bee package order this year is much like in previous years.  We are offering three pound packages of bees with a queen in Hygienic Italian, and Hygienic Carniolan, as well as Carniolan queens.  NCBA / CSBA members receive order preference through February 14th.  The balance of our allotment will go to orders, first come – first served – received through February 28thClick here to go to the 2014 Bee Package order information page.

Swarm Hotline

For many years, the NCBA has sponsored a Swarm Hotline, coordinated by current CSBA president and past NCBA president Beth Conrey.  It is offered as a public service, allowing swarms to be collected before they become a nuisance by taking up residence in a structure.  NCBA Members who meet the training and liability requirements can be called to collect swarms reported to the hotline.   Click here for more information.

American Bee Journal Subscription Discount

NCBA members are eligible for new or renewal subscriptions to the American Bee Journal at a 25% discount, when ordered through the Association.  Complete and print the order form linked here (right-click and save if clicking directly doesn’t work for you), and mail with your check made out to American Bee Journal to the NCBA Secretary.

2014 Rates for U.S. Delivery are: 1 year: $21.00   -   2 years: $39.75    -   3 years: $56.25

Use of Honey Extractors

The NCBA has two 4-frame honey extractors and one new 6-frame honey extractor available for use up to three days at a time on a first-come, first-served basis.  The 4-frame extractors are intended for your home use.  A program for use of the new 6-frame extractor has yet to be established.  The success of this program relies upon volunteers who coordinate loan of the extractors from their home, and perform seasonal repairs and updates to the equipment – email if you would be willing to help with this.