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Beehive Removal Services

Beehive Removal Services is a big job for safing and protecting queen bees. They are parts of our food chain.

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Bee disease – Pests – Colony Collapse

discuss all your disease, pest and colony collapse questions here.

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Pesticides – Insecticides

discussion regarding pesticides and insecticides

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Natural Beekeeping / Chemical Free / ‘Organic’?

forum for natural beekeeping methods

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Medicating treatments for bees

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Queen Rearing / Breeding

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Top Bar Beekeepers

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Plantings for Bees

Discuss gardening and planting tips here for bees and polinators

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Honey Extraction

Have questions? Need Help? Need to borrow or lend equipment?

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Hive Parking / Pollination Services / Community Hive Location / Hive Hosting Opportunities

We offer a gardner to beekeeper matching service. If you are interested in having beehives on your property, please post your request here. There are many more gardeners than beekeepers so not all requests can be satisfied. The preferred site is sheltered on one side, free from roaming pets and small children and free from aerial pesticide spraying.

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Products of the Hive

Share your ideas and methods for making candles, soaps, lotions, balms ointments ect.

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Home Brewing

Share your recipes and knowledge regarding brewing with honey, beer and mead

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Share your favorite recipes that use honey

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Commercial Beekeeping

Have a business or want to start a business and need answers on ‘how to’ – You can also promote your business here.

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The Garage – FOR SALE

Post items you have for sale.

When your item has sold, please mark it as SOLD with a reply post or delete the post entirely.  

Posts that are older than 1 year without any indication of being sold, will be deleted. 

Thank You

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wanting to buy or borrow? List items you are wanting to have for your bee yard.

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Equipment/Hardware Review

Discuss the use and design of hives, tools and accessories