CSBA’s Mentoring ‘Road Show’ Saturday, June 27th

Fort Collins Tour – 9AM        Loveland Tour – 1 PM
Carpooling is encouraged, maps and directions will be provided at the meeting place.

PARK and MEET on the Frontage Road  ACROSS from Fort Collins Nursery
2121 E Mulberry St / Hwy 14, West of Timberline – DO NOT PARK in the nursery parking lot.  Click Here for a map. 


Saturday, June 27, 2015 Starting at 1 PM in LOVELAND
1.  Meet at Lindsay Cantley’s apiary [5500 West US Hwy 34]  Click Here For A Map
[South side of the highway, across from the Cowboy Church, before the CONOCO gas station]
2.  Second is Jim Filpot’s apiary [2093 Genoa Court]
[Go EAST on 34, toward Loveland, NORTH on Wilson, West on 22nd Street & South on Genoa Ct.]
3.  Third is Paul Leeper’s apiary [425 West 8th Street]
[Go EAST to Wilson, South to Eisenhower [US 34], EAST around Lake Loveland, then South on Garfield.  Turn WEST on 8th Street, house is in the middle of the third block.Carpooling to Beth’s apiary is encouraged.
She is our CSBA mentor and President of the State Beekeepers Association4.  Fourth is Beth Conrey’s apiary [1617 White Water Court, Berthoud]
[Go East to Garfield, South to 7th Street, East to Cleveland Ave, GO South [turns into US 287] TAKE the By Pass GO THRU the signal to Berthoud about 2 miles [bottom of the second hill].  White Water Ct is on the right BEFORE the Little Thompson River and LCR 4.  Her house is at the end of the street.

2015 Package Bee Order

Click Here for full ordering information found on this Member Benefits page.

Saturday May 2nd Noon  - Latest update has Carniolan distribution window pushed back to 2:45-4:45.  Please do not arrive before 2:45 PM so as not to interfere with the truck.

Friday May 1 – We have confirmation that the Carniolan packages are on the way. Distribution will be tomorrow afternoon some time.  When we know a time, we will post it here. The distribution window will be two hours long.

Update Thursday April 30th
Carniolan distribution is planned for sometime Saturday afternoon.  When we have an estimated time of arrival, we will post it here and send out a Status Update email.  If you are part of the Carniolan order, you need to be prepared to drop what you are doing and come pick up your bees as soon as they are available.  Carniolans will be distributed from Glenn Wollam’s place east of Berthoud, the same place Italians were distributed from last Friday.  Directions are below.

Update Thursday April 23rd
The bees are here!  Italian package distribution Friday 7AM – 7PM.  Directions below.

Update Wednesday April 22nd
Distribution of Italian packages will be on Friday, April 24th – one day early, as the bees shipped a day early and are on their way.   We are still working out the details, but expect to be distributing bees all day Friday until early evening.  Please pick up your Italian packages on Friday if you possibly can! Given the change, Saturday distribution may not happen as described below.   Status Update #6 was sent out Wednesday evening to order participants with additional information.

In case you are wondering, this was completely out of our control.  We will do our best to be flexible, and ask the same of you.  Friday Distribution Volunteers will be welcome!

Bees will be distributed from the home / shop of member Glenn Wollam who has generously allowed us to use his location. We plan to mark the driveway with signs and balloons.

Address:  19092 County Rd 3, Berthoud, CO 80513
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/bKdnn

Directions from the north
The address is about two miles south of Colorado HW56 that runs through Berthoud.  Weld County Road 3 is about 3 miles west of I25, Exit # 250 the Berthoud / HW56 exit; or about 2.5 miles east of HW287.

Directions from Longmont area
From HW287, take HW66 east about 2.5 miles to Weld CR1
Drive north on Weld CR1 about 2 miles to CR34
Drive east on CR34 about 1 mile to Weld CR3
Drive north on Weld CR3 about 3 miles to 19092 CR3.

Directions from I25 to the south
Take I25 north to the Mead / CR34 #245 exit
Drive west on CR34 about 3 miles to CR3
Drive north about 3 miles on CR3 to 19092 CR3

Update Sunday, April 19th – Bee Order Status Update #5 has been sent to order participants.  Please email beeorder@nocobees.org if you didn’t receive it.

Update Thursday, April 16th – We are still on track to distribute Italian packages on Saturday, April 25th.  We have received a date of Saturday May 2nd for distribution of Carniolan packages.  We will publish exact locations only as we get final confirmation that bees are on their way.

Update Saturday, April 4th – Our bee order has been declared finalized, and Bee Order Status Update #4 was sent to order participants.

Update Monday, March 23rd – SOLD OUT – The orders that were processed this past weekend have exhausted our allocation of Italian packages, and we have started a waiting list.  We have not yet received payment for some orders, and will re-allocate those packages if payment is not received by April 1, 2015.

Bee Order Status Update #3 was emailed to all order participants this afternoon – email beeorder@nocobees.org if you are participating in this year’s NCBA Package Bee order and didn’t receive the email, or have questions about your order information.

Update Monday, March 16thThe numbers are dwindling, but yes, NCBA still has Italian packages available. 

Update Sunday, February 22, 2015NCBA STILL HAS A LARGE QUANTITY OF HYGENIC ITALIAN PACKAGES AVAILABLE!  HOWEVER . .  orders aren’t coming in as rapidly as last year.  We learned this past week that our source for bees is less flexible for late order quantity changes than has been the case in the past.  We are in a use-it-or-lose-it situation!  If you plan to order bees this year, please submit your order in the next week or so to get our order count back on track or we will need to tell our supplier to allocate some of our packages to someone else!

We realize that by setting an April 1, 2015 order deadline, we didn’t create any sense of urgency for people to get their orders in.  We know that orders will keep trickling in up through the order deadline, and we want to be able to support that.  Please help us insure we will have the packages available to meet your needs by getting your order in sooner rather than later.

Update Tuesday, February 10, 2015 – All Carniolan packages are sold – we will maintain a short wait-list, but last year only about 3 packages became available.

2015 NCBA Package Bee Order

NCBA has requested several hundred Hygienic Italian bee packages from Steve Park Apiaries again this year. An additional 100 Carniolan packages are being supplied by Tim Brod, a beekeeper and queen supplier in Boulder.

Click Here for full ordering information found on this Member Benefits page.

ALL packages are 3 lbs of bees with a queen of the designated type.

ORDER DEADLINE is Wednesday, April 1st, NO EXCEPTIONS! UNLESS our allotment has been sold before then.

• NCBA Member Orders will be given PREFERENCE through February 14th. Should our allotment sell out before then we will fill orders from NCBA members through February 14th BEFORE filling orders for CSBA members or non-members.  For member pricing, or to renew your membership through March 1, 2016, choose the membership option on the order form. Your current membership status is always shown at the bottom of each monthly NCBA newsletter.  

Pricing for NCBA / CSBA MEMBERS:

  1. Hygienic Italian are $105 per package. Order 6 or more packages, cost is $102 per package.
  2. Carniolan are $105 per package, NO discount for quantities.


  1. Hygienic Italian are $115 per package. Order 6 or more packages, cost is $112 per package.
  2. Carniolan are $115 per package, no quantity discount.

PAYMENT in full MUST accompany ALL orders.  Payment may be made via check (no cash) or via PayPal – PayPal links are up on the 2015 Bee Order page linked above.

Disclaimer: While NCBA makes every effort to insure that the bees you order arrive alive, ultimately the buyer bears the risk of unforeseen mishaps.

DELIVERY is targeted for Saturday, April 25th.
The buyer must make arrangements to pick up your package[s] on the distribution day, which may end up being different from the planned distribution date. We will provide status updates via email to buyers, including any last-minute changes to distribution plans. Please make sure to provide NCBA with an EMAIL address you check regularly.

A Bee Package Coordinator is needed to manage the process of ordering, delivery and distribution of the packages. Are you comfortable working with Microsoft Excel?  One or two volunteers are needed to maintain and confirm the accuracy of a consolidated order spreadsheet.  MANY volunteers will be needed on distribution day, if you are available to help, please send an email to ncbapres@nocobees.org

Do you have or know someone with a large outbuilding, shed or barn LOCATED in SOUTHEAST LOVELAND, BERTHOUD, Johnstown or NORTHEST LONGMONT [near the interstate would be ideal] that is about 1,200 square feet in size, accessible by semi- tractor/trailer [18 wheeler] and has multiple 110 volt electrical outlets [for cooling fans]? We also need access to a forklift to unload the packagers. IF you can help, please email ncbapres@nocobees.org with the owner’s contact information so a visit can be arranged.

Thursday December 4th – NCBA Holiday Celebration and Craft Sale!

Thursday, December 4th at The Berthoud Area Community Center, 248 Welch Ave, Berthoud, 6:30pm – 8:30 pm.  Please join us for this annual family-oriented event!


Craft Sale

Tables will be available to display and sell your crafts and hive products at this event.  Please feel free to invite other crafters to come along.


Do you have a favorite holiday snack?  If you can, you are encouraged to bring finger food, snacks, sweets, holiday fare, or beverages to place on the refreshment table.


And to add to the holiday spirit, please come with your favorite “Spirits” for you or to share.  Bring a favorite wine, beer, mead, hard cider, mulled wine, or even your special eggnog recipe, to enjoy the evening in true festive style.

We will have an evening with our families, eat drink and be merry, and talk about bees!

Questions?  Email Nancy at outreach@nocobees.org,  or Merry at  volunteer@nocobees.org

Executive Committee Election Results

Eligible Voters = 252
Votes Cast = 23 [9.7%]

President – Bob Boggio
Vice President – VACANT
Secretary – Nancy Jones
Treasurer – John Green
Advisors – Merry Popa, Annie Epperson, Lucy Thies, Dave Primer
Appointed by the Executive Committee [EC]
Education & Outreach Coordinator – will be VACANT February 2015
Volunteer Coordinator – will be VACANT February 2015
Venue Coordinator – Ronda Koski

Thank you to all that voted, however key management and coordinator positions remain open.

IF you have an interest in promoting beekeeping and/or recruiting volunteers to support NCBA activities, please send an email with your contact information to ncbaexec@nocobees.org.  Likewise, if you want to help direct the future of NCBA as Vice President, contact the EC and we will schedule a special election.  Job descriptions are available in the NCBA By Laws.

2014 Executive Committee Election

Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association Annual Election October 16-26, 2014
Ballots must be received by 6:30 P.M. Sunday, October 26, 2014
The following individuals are willing to serve your Association in the coming year:
President – Per our Bylaws, Vice President Bob Boggio transitions to the office of President
Vice PresidentNo Candidate
Secretary – Nancy Jones
Treasurer – John Green
Advisors (three positions open) – Annie Epperson, Merry Popa, Dave Primer
Advisors – Per our Bylaws, retiring Treasurer Lucy Thies transitions to the role of Advisor.

Current (dues paid up) members and Lifetime members are entitled to vote.

Return ballots
Via Email to: vote@nocobees.org (just hit Reply to the Ballot email sent to the email address of record for all current members).
You must email your ballot from the email address of record for your NCBA membership – the address official NCBA newsletters and announcements are sent to.
Via US Mail to NCBA Volunteer Coordinator Merry Popa, 5592 Mystic Owl Ct., Loveland, Co  80537

Paper ballots must be accompanied by your Name, Complete Postal Address, and Signature, which you may place on the paper ballot or on the outside of a sealed envelope containing your votes.

Click here to open a paper ballot for printing.


The following people are willing to stand for election:
President – Vice President Bob Boggio, uncontested, transitions to the office of President
Vice President – no candidate
Secretary – Nancy Jones
Treasurer – John Green
Advisors (four total) – Annie Epperson, Merry Popa, Dave Primer are standing for election
Advisors – Current Officer Lucy Thies will transition to the role of Advisor.

By way of introduction:

Bob Boggio – Bob Boggio has been a resident of Larimer County for 35 years.  He has 13 years of beekeeping experience, the first 10 from 1979 – 1988, and then started beekeeping again 3 seasons ago with two hives and space for three more.   He has 15 years experience as a director for multiple for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.  The two largest organizations were the Little Thompson Water District [as the board president and a director] and the Colorado Association for Recycling [as a director].
He is concerned about the long term sustainability of the NCBA and may be able to make a difference by being more active as part of the executive committee.   Trained as an engineer he has 35 years experience in manufacturing, management, process control and quality systems.

Nancy Jones – Nancy has been involved in beekeeping for several years in the Ft. Collins area.  She is passionate about educating and bringing awareness of pollinators to children and adults.  She has served on many Non-profit boards and is currently Outreach Coordinator for NCBA.  She will take an active and involved role as Secretary .

John Green – I have served as NCBA Treasurer, Secretary most recently President.  I am a retired computer technical person. As an officer on the Executive Committee since the fall of 2011 I have spoken for a more business-like approach to Association activities, and  I am speaking for a Leadership Team structure that I believe will result in a more effective, sustainable organization.   Under my leadership we have purchased liability insurance to protect the personal assets of our leadership team and volunteers, filed for and received 501c3 non-profit  status and worked with our Treasurer for the filing of the Association’s first IRS tax return.  I am in favor of a strong Executive Committee form of governance for the NCBA, and authored many of the Constitution and Bylaw updates approved last year.

Annie Epperson – Annie is a new-bee, acquiring her first colony in May 2013.  As a reference librarian for the University of Northern Colorado she works with students and faculty on research projects, and tackled her new hobby in much the same way, researching the art and science of beekeeping for years before taking the plunge with her husband, Jerry Hudson.  She will bring that ability to explore, analyze, organize, and summarize, to her role as Advisor to the Board of NCBA.

Merry Popa -  Merry is a new resident of Larimer County when she and her husband moved to Loveland two years ago.  Before she retired from teaching in Denver, she began reading about Colony Collapse.  She took the Beginning Beekeeper Class and has found beekeeping to be a very rewarding adventure.  As the Volunteer Coordinator for NCBA , she can bring the experience and knowledge from that position to the role of Advisor to the Board.

Dave Primer – Dave has been a beekeeper for 30+ years, was one of NCBA’s founding members, and served as an officer in the Association’s early days.  He is looking forward to again contributing to the Association’s success as an Advisor.

Link to paper Ballot PDF document.