CSBA newsletter

Finally some moisture! Although it is no where near enough to get us back on
track–it is good to see the white stuff.
I have two seasons in my world: bee and ski. I am square in the middle of the
latter and will be out of town for the next week as a result. I find February to be a
month in which I get a tremendous amount of work caught up and woodenware
constructed. Feeders are out and, with the anticipated break in the weather this
weekend, I will see if the girls are touching them.
I have spent quite a bit of time traveling to various Club meetings this past month
and am impressed by all of the new faces. I hope we can engage and inspire the
newest members of our ranks to help shoulder some of the volunteer
responsibilities of both their regional and state associations.
As threatened, I am catching up on recipes so there are 2 more recipes this
month. The first, Strawberries with Lavender Honey and Goat Cheese, is one of
the recipes from the Meet and Greet before the Winter Meeting last year. This is a
beautiful presentation! I get my lavender honey from France as my sister and
brother-in-law live in Paris. It won’t be long before we can start producing this on
a greater scale from Western Slope lavender. The second is Delicious Cornbread
and it lives up to its name. It is a well-balanced recipe that brings out the flavors
of all the ingredients. I felt these two to be perfect for March as we are in the
transition between winter and spring. There’s still plenty of soup and chili to be
served but spring is just around the corner.
Time is running out for Packages and Nucs!
If you have not ordered your packages or nucs, then your time is rapidly running
out! All of the ads for packages and nucs can be found in one handy location
here. Don’t dally any longer if you want bee packages and nucs.
Bee Informed!
At the 2012 Winter Meeting, our featured speaker was Dennis vanEnglesdorp of
the Bee Informed Partnership. Bee Informed is a survey of bee losses and
management strategies that is conducted annually. The dates for 2013 are
March 29th to April 15th. I will send out another reminder next month. This
year, it is extremely important that you participate! We need to know what is
happening in this state with our bees and this is the easiest (and cheapest) way for
us to do this. If we get 300 people to participate, then our state data is broken out
separately. Click here for more information on the survey and understand that I
will be pressuring all of you to respond.New Sponsor–Granite Seed Company
We have a new sponsor that joined as an auxiliary member this month. It is
Granite Seed and Erosion Control. Granite Seed offers seed mixes especially
tailored to promote pollinators and bees. They also have many forb and
wildflower species available. They can be reached on the web
at: http://graniteseed.com
As many of you know, one our statewide initiatives this year is FORAGE! Forage
is crucial to the success of our bees, native bees and our honey crops! As we
prepare to enter into another drought year, thoughts of turf mitigation and planting
of native and xeric species is high on the list of things that anyone can do to help
our pollinating species. Do your part and patronize our seed sponsors!
Sponsors are key to our ability to maintain and, hopefully, REDUCE our dues in
the future. Our success in attracting and maintaining sponsors hinges on your
patronage. Please, take a minute to look at the rotating ads of our sponsors and to
check out their websites and purchase their product.
Summer Meeting
I know it is not even spring but I already have the Summer Meeting on my
mind! This year’s meeting will be held in its usual location which is VicePresident Paul Limbach’s home in Silt. It will be held from 9-4 on Saturday, June
15th. Our featured speaker will be Dr. Dewey Caron. In addition, we will have a
full agenda featuring Danny Culhane of Honeyville in Durango fame, Project
apism talking about their forage initiative ad Dr. Ron Fessenden chatting about
honey and health! Afternoon workshops will focus on queen introduction with
Kristina Williams and triangulation to find a wild hive with this cool little gadget
of Miles McGaughey’s. Paul and Nanci will be providing tours of their packing
facility and the wildlife rehabilitation center. I encourage you to join us in Silt on
June 15th! More information will follow soon.
As always, if you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to call or
Thank you for being a member.

February Meeting Thursday Evening

February Meeting - Thursday, February 21, 6:30 – 8:30 PM- Features Jason Goldman on mead making, and presentations by members on making and selling bee-based products (e.g. soaps, salves, etc.)  Members who make/sell value added products are welcome to make short 5 minute presentations on what you do.  Emailncbasecretary@nocobees.org to get on the agenda.  We will be meeting at a new location, the Edge Sports Center in Fort Collins off the frontage road south-east of I-25 and Mulberry at 4450 Denrose Ct.  Click here for a map.

Volunteer and Education Coordinators needed!

We are approaching the season of most of our public outreach events, and need people to help coordinate these activities.  If you have an interest in education and public service, please let us know.  E-mail NCBA Secretary John Green atncbasecretary@nocobees.org or any of the Executive Committee members.
NCBA is seeking applicants for key positions
Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association is a not-for-profit service organization that seeks to promote effective, responsible beekeeping by providing educational and outreach opportunities both for beekeepers and for the general public.  We have openings in two key positions that work together to provide these opportunities – Volunteer Coordinator, and Education and Outreach Coordinator.   The Volunteer Coordinator communicates with members who have indicated an interest in volunteering to match people to outreach events, such as from staffing the NCBA booth at one of the various events we participate in each year and organizing refreshments for one of our meetings.  The Education and Outreach Coordinator evaluates regional events for potential NCBA participation, helps to prepare related educational materials, and helps to train volunteers as needed.  Time commitment varies on the time of year.  Number of events varies, but is busiest from May through September.  Requests can include, but are not limited to, school and civic organization presentations and display booths.  The largest events we participate in are the Larimer County Fair (late July, early August) and the Sustainable Living Fair (September).  Please consider helping out with one of these key positions.

Way To Bee!!

This month we want to acknowledge Carolina Nyarady and the crew of dedicated volunteers who once again this year organized and presented the Beginning Beekeeping class last month.

CSBA February Update

Excerpted from the full post found at: http://coloradobeekeepers.org
Happy Groundhog Day!

While it is not an “official” holiday, it should be.  Today is Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil has not seen his shadow.   This means that an early spring is predicted.  I want to know what happened to winter.  Here in Berthoud, it has been dry and mild.  Winter watering has become the norm.  The girls have been out and about in droves and the first reports of bees in bird feeders started on the swarm hotline a couple of weeks ago–a solid 2 months ahead of schedule.  Bees in bird feeders; bees in chicken feed; bees in compost piles collecting coffee grounds! (I swear this is where they get their “buzzzzz”.)  Why do bees engage in this behavior?  Quite simply, it is their nature.  Bees are collectors and, in the absence of pollen, they collect pollen substitutes which is what all of the above have in common–grains the size of pollen.

Legislative Update

The Cottage Industry bill is being taken up again by the State legislature this session.  The bill that is introduced is intended to address some of the shortcomings of the original bill not the least of which is the training requirement.  As you all know, I have been adamant in my objection to the Food Service MANAGERS training requirement as being both unnecessary and expensive.  I am advocating the Food Service HANDLERS training.  It looks as though it is under consideration at this time.  I will keep you apprised.

Thank you for being a member.