Woodenware and Package Bee Order Information

NCBA 2013 Woodenware Order deadline is February 14.

This year we are sourcing the group woodenware order from Western Bee, a Dadant company.  You’ll find the most common items on the order form, linked below, and you can add any items from the Western Bee printed or online catalog (http://www.westernbee.com/), or from the Dadant printed or online catalog (https://www.dadant.com/) in the blank lines at the end of the form.  Since the order will be trucked in, shipping costs are minimal and calculated as 5% of the order total.  Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet format woodenware order form.

NCBA 2013 Package Bee Order

The bee package order this year is much like in previous years.  We are offering three pound packages of bees with a queen for $89 to NCBA and CSBA members, $99 to non-members.  Italian, Minnesota Hygienic and New World Carniolan varieties are available.  NCBA / CSBA members receive order preference through February 14th.  The balance of our allotment will go to orders, first come – first served – received through February 28th, the final order deadlineClick here to download the PDF format Bee Package order form.