Meeting Wednesday October 10th

The October meeting will set the tone and direction for your NCBA not only for the next year but also – around the direction you as members set in the updates to the Constitution and Bylaws – for many years to come.  As you can see, the agenda is full and we may need to cut off one discussion to move on to the next topic.  As always, if you have something to add to the discussion, please email the Executive Committee at  And we need volunteers to provide refreshments for the meeting – email if you can help.

Here is the agenda for next week’s meeting:
1.    6:30 pm – Use the first 20 minutes of the meeting for Officer reports and to accept further Executive Committee nominations; finalize the slate of candidates.  (See Election discussion below).
2.    6:50 pm – 30 minutes to talk about Constitution and Bylaw update proposals, and outline a timeline of weeks for comments / discussion before voting (See below).
3.    7:20 pm – 10 minute break.
4.    7:30 pm – 40 minutes to ask what members want the NCBA to be and to do. This is your chance to comment on the past and propose ideas for the future.
5.    8:10 pm – 20 minutes (Time permitting) – Open discussion about beehive winterizing concerns and techniques.
6.    8:30 pm – Pass out ballots, prepared by the EC during the meeting, for those who wish to vote for the EC at the meeting.  Voting will continue via email (encouraged) and US Mail through 5 PM on Saturday, October 20th.
7.    (The library requires that we vacate the room before 9pm.)

We look forward to seeing you all there.  The meeting will be held from 6:30-8:30 P.M. in the 2nd floor Community Room at the Council Tree Library in Fort Collins. (Drive North on Corbett Drive from Harmony, Library is on the right with parking on the south side of the building.)

NCBA Executive Committee Elections
As you can see from the October meeting agenda above, we are handling the election of Officers and Advisors differently this year.  Voting will continue through 5 PM on Saturday October 20th via email and US Mail.  We are doing this to give everyone a voice in this election – including those who can’t make it to the meeting.

Along with this, we will continue to accept nominations for Officer and Advisor positions via email until NOON on Wednesday October 10th; and will accept nominations at the beginning of the meeting.  Consider putting your name forward for one of the open positions, described on the website at Email the board at to express your interest, or simply talk with one of our current Executive Committee members.  We still need candidates for Officer positions and for Advisor positions – WE NEED YOU!

Procedures for in person, email and US Mail balloting: In order to insure the integrity of the voting process, we will be marking off the names of those who vote as the ballots are accepted.  On October 11th we will email a ballot to the email address of record for each current paid member – which is the email address this newsletter is sent to.  We will send ballots via US mail to Primary members lacking an email address.  You will have the choice to return your ballot via email to a special email address set up just for ballots; or to return your ballot to NCBA Secretary Ronda Koski via US Mail.  While protecting the privacy of each ballot is a duty of the Secretary and assistant vote counters, you may choose to enclose your ballot in an envelope separate from your identification information in an outer envelope when you mail it in.   All ballots returned by US Mail must be received by 5 PM Saturday October 20th in order to count.  The results of the balloting will be announced following final tally and certification by the Executive Committee.

Constitution and Bylaw Updates
We have spoken in the past of the need to clarify and strengthen the existing NCBA Constitution and Bylaws.  We will begin this process at the annual meeting by asking for your comments, concerns and reaction to the amendment proposals that accompany this newsletter – which are very much a work in progress, designed to elicit your feedback.  The Executive Committee is not of one mind with regard to some of the changes – your input is important, including suggestions for alternate amendments.

Some of the more significant of the proposed amendments are intended to:
1.      Confirm that the NCBA is governed by a strong Executive Committee whose decisions override that of any Officer.
2.      Strengthen the idea that the NCBA is an independent organization, notwithstanding its affiliation with organizations like the CSBA.
3.      Alter Officer election and term limit provisions to allow any elected officer position to be contested in any year; and to allow President and President Pro-tem to be elected and serve two years in a row.
4.      Add the positions of Volunteer Coordinator and Education and Outreach Coordinator as appointed, voting members of the Executive Committee.
5.      Add language outlining the duties of each Executive Committee member.

One of the documents linked here is a summary of proposed amendments in logical groupings that may also serve as a format for a ballot – allowing you to vote to approve some but not all of the changes.  Feel free to comment on this approach, as opposed to the “all or none” approach used previously.  The idea here is to allow you the greatest degree of freedom to express your will, but it does make for a more complicated ballot.

Summary of Constitution and Bylaw Proposed Amendments
NCBA Constitution – Amended (Proposed)
NCBA Bylaws – Amended (Proposed)
Current NCBA Constitution
Current NCBA Bylaws