May Meeting

NCBA May Meeting  will occur on Wednesday May 9, 2012, 6:30-8:30 in Greeley at the Downtown Greeley Recreation Center, 651 10th Avenue, Greeley.  Click HERE for a map.  This program will focus on pesticide related information, featuring John Scott, Pesticides Program Manager, Colorado Department of Agriculture and Thia Walker, Extension Pesticide Education Specialist, Colorado State University Extension speaking on Driftwatch ( and Michele Pelanne on the NCBA Hive Mapping program.

Way to Bee! Thank You!

This month we would like to acknowledge everyone who made this year’s Package Bee program a rousing success!  We’ll start with Nelson Martin, who generously made his centrally-located workshop available for distribution of the bee packages.  Greg Bowdish coordinated with our bee supplier throughout the process, supplied the trailer used to bring the bees down from Cheyenne, and, along with Ken Nichols, Carl Hosler and John Green, made the 2:30 AM connection with the supplier’s truck in Cheyenne to make the last leg of the girl’s journey down to Nelson’s.  Ken Nichols, as he also did for the Woodenware orders, coordinated receipt of the orders and funds.  And of course, many thanks to our members for supporting NCBA by participating in the group bee-buy, for contributing the empty bee package boxes, and for making the package-pickup as painless as it was!  Your support in large part makes possible the NCBA’s sponsorship of its many educational and outreach programs.

Pesticide Season is Here! – What to do if you suspect a pesticide kill

From the CSBA May Edition of the High Country Bee

Pesticide Season is Here! - What to do if you suspect a pesticide kill

If you think your bees have been killed by the possible misuse of a pesticide, you need toreport it immediately.  Here is a link to the CDA website.  This is the page with all the FAQ’s on an apiary claim.  Please, whether you have 2 hives or 2000, REQUEST AN INVESTIGATION!  It is extremely important.

Next, document your losses.  Take photos and video.  Be sure to turn on the time/date stamp on your camera.  Take samples and put them in your freezer right away.

Contact your regional association, if you are a member of one.  If not, contact me so I can stay in the loop.

Keep a diary of all contacts made and be sure to note with whom you spoke and what day you did it.  We have had issues with a lack of timeliness in the past that we want to make sure do not occur in the future.

Click here for the full text of the May CSBA High Country Bee. 

NCBA Membership Directory

NCBA Membership Directory - Preparation of the NCBA Membership Directory is in the works.  It will include those current members who have indicated they wish to be included (see data below) and be made available to all current (i.e. paid up) NCBA members.  In an effort to make sure your information is as accurate as possible, we ask that you review the information below and report any corrections to NCBA Treasurer John Green either via e-mail to, or by mailing in an updated Membership Application and Liability Waiver from the Contact page at  Many fields contain either a Yes, No or are  BLANK.  In the fields shown below, BLANK or no data displayed is equivalent to a No.  Also, because Additonal Household Members are by definition living at the same address as the Primary member, we don’t record mailing addresses for Addl membership types.   Please note, you can always find your basic membership status at the bottom of these monthly newsletters.