NCBA 2012 Woodenware Ordering

Order Deadline: February 3, 2012.   NCBA Current membership or 2012 Beginning Beekeeping Class registration required to participate.

NCBA is once again coordinating a group buy for woodenware and beekeeping supplies.  This year our source is Miller Bee Supply ( plus some locally sourced products.  Participating in this group order will help support NCBA and its support of your local beekeeping community.

Please download and use the Microsoft Excel format order form if you can work with .xls spreadsheets – it does the math for you.  When you save the spreadsheet, please add your name to the file name to make it unique.  Print a copy of the spreadsheet to include with your order, and also email a copy of the spreadsheet to Ken Nichols at spinymartini@yahoo.comOtherwise, please download and print the PDF version of the order form (right-click and Save Link/Target As)  and fill it out by hand. 

For  more information about products from Miller Bee Supply, please visit their website to use their online catalog or to download a PDF version of their catalog.  For your convenience, you may also download a copy of the Miller Bee Supply PDF catalog here (right-click and Save Link/Target As).

NCBA 2012 Package Bee Ordering

NCBA/CSBA Member Priority until March 1, 2012   Order deadline: March 15, 2012

NCBA is again making three pound packages of bees with a queen available to members ($87) and non-members ($97) for delivery around mid-April.  Italian, Minnesota Hygenic and New World Carniolan varieties are available this year.  As in previous years, our bees will be supplied by Olivarez Honey Bees.   Choose the Microsoft Word .DOC format order form to fill in on your computer before printing, or print the PDF format order form (right-click and Save Link/Target As) to fill in by hand.  Either way, print and include a copy of your order form with your order and retain a copy for your records.  For ordering details, download an order form by clicking on a highlighted link above.


Join us Thursday night for a rare opportunity to learn from six of our most experienced beekeepers!  January’s NCBA meeting will see them join together in panel discussion to answer your questions and share some of their most successful practices.  This is not to be missed!  The January NCBA Meeting will take place 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 12 in the Community Room at the Harmony Road Library, located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Harmony Road and South Shields Street in Fort Collins.   Click here for a map showing the location of the Harmony Library branch on the Front Range Community College Campus.